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A Time To Reflect

A Time To Reflect

Lock down is back!! And no, we don’t get a free set of steak knives. What we get is door number three:
1. Isolation - we didn’t want to go to that BBQ any who (said nobody ever).
2. Mum’s new game “hide & seek with Picasso” - shhh she’s hiding in the linen cupboard.
3. Home schooling!! You remember algebra, right?!

Yes, it’s the #holiday we’ve all dreamed of 🙌🏼😂

Seriously though… it's been challenging. Came out of a lock down and thrived again, to now the uncertainties of another. But it's done one thing provided time to pause and reflect - what do I truly want? It's the money question isn't it?! I'm sure we've all jumped down the deep and meaningful self-talk conversation throughout the years. Especially the last 18mths. What are we grateful for, who do we miss, and what might we change when we come out the other side of this lock down?! Both in our personal and our business lives!

Whilst sitting here typing and little miss is chilling out in hotel "Uterus", I think of all the other expected mummas, and front-line workers. I truly grateful for my health, the support we have around us and still being able to run @selfishcosydney. Not to mention now being able to do the things I normally neglect... emails and blog posts for you gorgeous souls!

So how am I staying motivate?!?! Connecting through zoom, social media, messenger services you name it I'm doing it. Because although I'm a person who appreciates her own company, I'm also a bit of a social butterfly. Like many iso is not so very miso (yep, see what I did there?). Staying connected helps know we're not alone. We do have each other to laugh, cry and dance with. Our tribe is the light at the end of the tunnel people I couldn't be more grateful for. 

Movement is another, I thrive of moving my body - although these days pregnancy hormones make Le joints very sore. But Lucky enough I live with the picturesque of the Hawkesbury, located North West of Sydney.  It's a truly beautiful place to wonder, think country side, rolling hills and views of the Blue Mountains. And although considered "rural" we are only 15mins from local store. So, grabbing a warm hot chocolate, with marshmallows of course and going for a walk with a view does wonders for my mind and body. 



What has this time helped you reflect on or inspired you to do? 

Love Always 
Bec Xx 


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