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Push Till Break & A Little ASS!

Laying on a freshly made bed with a vegan, cruelty free fragrant candle flickering in the background

Anyone who knows me knows I just work, it's not some badge of honour it's just always who I've been. I'm sitting here with my morning coffee (piccolo on skim, if you ever feel like ordering me one), creating new designs (launch date is oh so close) after coming of a binge watch of Bridgerton - a must watch for any who enjoys a bit of old fashion nonsense and a little ass!

This is the first time in gosh knows since I've done this, and how fudging refreshing!! To realise after many years of pushing till break isn't necessary... is mind-blowing. My creative flow is coming back, I'm able to deal with situations more calmly. Even those annoying digestive issue aren't playing their usual games.

Want to keep this brief there's sunshine to enjoy and candles to pour, just wanted to share the importance of breathing, enjoying your life, that everything doesn't need doing NOW! Prioritising you is truly the best investment one can make.  

Take slow sips of coffee in the sun and simply enjoy your blissful moment. 

Love always 

B xx

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