The beeping of traffic, the tapping of fingers on keyboards, phones ringing, deadlines and a busy household with a weekly schedule which only rivals the length and complexity of the chore list. It’s the chaos of the daily grind. Yikes! Go on, hug your barista!

Life can get crazy busy and before we know it we are either added to the end of the to do list or even worse culled of completely! Rebecca Mulford, the owner and creator of Selfish and Co, had a "bad day at work" as we all do from time to time and it was at this moment she decided to light a candle, make a cup of tea and sit down on her lounge. As she did this she realized it's not just me that feels this way, I see my friends and others constantly on the go until "burning out" and that was that, Selfish and Co, Sydney was established! It was 2019 and Rebecca was on a mission creating beautiful scented candles and herbal tea from her picturesque residence in the Hawkesbury, located North West of Sydney. Rebecca's message is that it is ok to take a break from the day to day mayhem. Her candles are known as  ‘You Reminders’ - a reminder that it’s OK to stop, it’s OK to put yourself first, and it’s OK to be a little bit Selfish.

It does not matter your age, sex, race, marital status, whether you have children or not, your job - Everyone deserves to rest and re-fill your cup helping you to clear your mind & soul but also to be able to give your family and loved ones the best of you and not the rest of you.

Selfish & Co started with candles & tea's and has now incorporated "shower steamers" which help to give you that relaxation at the same time as a daily chore (shower). Rebecca will not stop adding to her range if she finds new products that can both fit into her clients lifestyles and create calm. 

Selfish & Co has grown much more than just a retail outlet as there is also a Selfish & Co community on Social media which involves like minded people that support each other.

Selfish & Co dares you to be selfish, go on you deserve it!